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Our great professional experience and competence allows us to give better personalized solutions. Some are pre-emptive with the objective to avoid any damage. And others, once the damage has occurred, with the objective to limit it and eliminate it. Our experience shows us that the Courts agree with someone not just because they are right, they agree with who proves they are right. In fact, our success is based on study and experience. Our lawyers offer you a highly competent legal assistance. Please consult our areas of expertises.



With thank your interest in “Solo abogados”. Our office offers the services of consultancy and legal representation in the different areas related to corporations, professionals and families. In civil, corporate, criminal economic, labour and tax issues. Come and get to know our offices on the inside and its areas of knowledge. And how from the inter-professional cooperation we give local services from a “legal boutique”, services normally offered by bigger offices. But we offer a more personal and immediate service.


Lawyer num. 2.761

Member of the Lawyer Association of Santa Cruz de Tenerife 


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En el Norte de la Isla:

C/ Arzobispo Elías Yanes, núm. 85, 1.º, D

38206, San Cristóbal de La Laguna



En el Sur de la Isla:

Avenida Santa Cruz, núm. 117, Portal 9, Oficina 12

San Isidro, Granadilla de Abona.



En Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Avenida Tres de Mayo, núm. 75, Edificio Vega y Gijon, Ofic. 4-A


Teléfono: +34 656820018


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Fax: +34 922251382


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