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Civil Responsability and Insurance

A.- Traffic section

      a) Police reports

      b) Calculation of damages

      c) Justified offer

      d) Joint negligence

      e) Summary Trial

      f) Whiplash

      g) Damages for traffic accidents


B.- Medical section

      a) Evaluation of injuries

      b) Compensation for injuries and death

      c) Determination of Psycological and Esthetical damages


C.- Labour section

      a) Compensation fot labour accidents and professional related illnesses.

      b) Work inspections. Infractions and fines. Pleas.


D.- Public Transport section

      a) The Laws and Regulationes og Obligatory Insurance for transporting                    passengers                                                       .

      b) Legal procedure, period and compensatory scale.


Four reasons to choose us

  1. For our vast professional experience, qualifications, commitment and success in our previous claims. We have come to assure that the compensation that our clients receive shall be according to the Law taking into account their injuries.


  1. Because our medical specialists can determine the real importance of the injuries, and value them economically.  


  1. Because our remuneration depends on yours. The retainer that we ask for is used to pay the medical reports, studies, fees and “procuradores”. Amounts that later shall be reduced from our remuneration.


  1. Because our advice is personal, complete and professional.






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