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Data protection

As you know, the Protection of Personal Data Law establishes an obligatory regime that the self employed, corporations and public administrations must follow while treating their clients’ personal data. And because of this, no matter what your business is, we offer you a complete study of your commercial activity and of the data that you use, and we shall identify your needs for a correct observance of the law. This obligatory observance of the rule should not be seen as a cost, but more as an opportunity for business, as a sales instrument that will difference you from the rest.

  1. Initial study of your business to see if it complies or not with the law.


  1. Application and admission of files by the Data Protection Agency.


  1. Composition of the security documents.


  1. Composition of contracts and clauses to be incorporated into your documents.


  1. Preparation of security documents.


  1. Staff training and counselling.


  1. CCTV


  1. Preparation and adaptation for e-commerce.


  1. Biannual audits and quarterly controls.


            10.  Adoption of security measures:


  • Firewalls, intruder detection
  • Administrative measures, such as risk assessment, contingency plans
  • Physical protection for the equipment against fires, safety measures in case of robbery and in case of a power loss.



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